Abbie Kelly, NLMT IWA Strength Specialist

There has never been a better time than now to gather our strength through rallying together for a healthier body, stronger mind, and happier life. For over 15 years I have watched Sandy struggle… never giving in… and now, through trial and error, she stands healthier, stronger, and happier. Her story is amazing.

Tom Rogers, MD

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone like Sandy and I’ve been doing this for 30 years! Many people lose weight but few can keep it off. It takes knowledge about nutrition, exercise, hormone balance, and psychology. And, it takes accountability.

She has it all! Sandy wants to help others, and I know she will help many, many people.


Peter Doran

I met Sandy in 2011 at a fitness resort in Malibu. We quickly became friends. In the following years, she has supported me in my struggle with my weight and fitness. Over that time her advice and, more importantly, her understanding of what it takes to change a lifestyle has helped make me stronger… The two half-marathons we have run together is a small measure of our change and success.

Sandy’s determination and great attitude allowed her to excel with her fitness and weight loss goals. This same great attitude and determination has led Sandy to seek her life’s purpose of inspiring others to begin and continue on their own journey

Steven Starnes

Sandy has always been a very driven person, with keen focus on work, family, friends, and sports. The Sandy of today is a testament to her commitment, hard work, and knowledge. . . all factors that enabled her transformation.

Chris Dempers BSc Kin, Medical Exercise Specialist

Sandy is one on the hardest working people I have ever trained/worked with. She is probably the most dedicated person I know to her own personal health, always trying to improve herself. Her personal drive is something I know that allows her to accomplish her self oriented goals whether it be fitness/health or wanting to completely change careers and try out her life long passion of wanting to help others. Can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next.”